Leeville – SMD’s Largest Project

SMD crews helped connect the Leeville shaft to Carlin East in 2005. Since that time, we have been helping establish infrastructure, develop, and mine this massive, world-class orebody. Daily activities encompass any part of the mining cycle. Through the end of 2011, we have driven 61,000 feet of development, mined 1.6 million ore tons and backfilled 2.9 million tons. In addition, we have drilled 206,000 feet and sprayed 110,000 cubic yards of shotcrete at Leeville. The scale of work at Leeville is amazing.

In general, development headings are 15’ x 17’ and require shotcrete prior to the bolting cycle. Bolts and mesh are installed and wire embedment with shotcrete follows. It takes almost one cubic yard of shotcrete per foot of drift driven at Leeville. Some portions of the deposit are also fairly abrasive.

The orebody is amenable to long-hole open stoping. Primary and some secondary stopes are filled with cemented rock-fill. Some secondary and tertiary stopes are filled with gob fill. Close coordination with Newmont is required in order to meet production goals. You will find SMD management working hand in hand with Newmont management.

Our crews stand ready to assist Newmont with virtually any aspect of the Leeville mine. We are proud of the safe, efficient production we have realized at the Leeville.